Firearms safety in alberta

Getting certified for the Canadian Firearms Safety Course is important for many people in Alberta. At Blue Line Fitness Testing, we offer both the Personal Acquisition License (PAL) course and the Restricted Personal Acquisition License (RPAL) course. 

First-time license applicants must pass the Canadian Firearms Safety Course before applying for a Possession and Acquisition License (PAL license). After completing the in-class instruction, you will do a written and practical test.

Who needs a Firearms Safety Course (PAL or RPAL)?

  • Applicants to law enforcement positions will benefit from having this course to increase their knowledge around safe handling and carry procedures, firing techniques and procedures, care of non-restricted firearms, the responsibilities of the firearms owner/user and safe storage, display, transportation and handling of non-restricted firearms.
  • Law enforcement personnel will benefit from having this course to carry firearms outside of their employment
  • Anyone who wishes to purchase firearms or ammunition for personal use
  • For recreational gun use to go hunting
  • To ensure you are aware of the legalities around owning and carrying a firearm

Interested in becoming a Fish and Wildlife Officer?

You will need take a firearms course. Learn more about becoming a Fish and Wildlife Officer here.

Frequently asked questions

Does every Albertan gun owner need to have a Firearms Safety course?

Yes you must have taken the Canadian Firearms Safety course in order to purchase any firearms or ammunition.

How long does it take to get your PAL or RPAL licence after you apply and pass your Canadian Firearms Safety Course?

The current wait is estimated around 4-5 months as of 2021-02-01

Do I have to take the PAL (non-restricted course) first before the RPAL?

Yes, you have to pass the non-restricted course before you can take the restricted course. You just need to pass, not have your license.

Are there any other fees once I’m done the course?

Yes, there are fees that are paid to the RCMP by the student that are sent in with your application. PAL fees are $60, RPAL fees are $90 or you can send both in together (PAL and RPAL together for $90).

Ready to take your PAL/RPAL FIREARMS COURSE?

Get certified in Firearms Safety with Blue Line Fitness Testing

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Written by Nikki Cloutier

Owner & founder of Blue Line Fitness Testing

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