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A man performs a twist during a yoga class in a studio where first responders go to do yoga


a mans lower body in motion while he works on his ladder agility on a speedladder


a mans lower body in motion while he works on his ladder agility on a speedladder

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Blue Blood, Always Ready

Train for the test anywhere with our new app. Prepare for the COPAT, SOPAT, POPAT AND PARE with this online self directed 6 week fitness preparation program!

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Weeks 1-2 are the beginning to build phase which is longer sets at lighter weights mixed in with interval cardio conditioning and distance runs. Each week has 2 “rest” days with yoga work or a complete rest day to allow you to recover.

Weeks 3-4 move into the expansion phase where you are getting heavier with weights, longer intervals with shorter recovery and longer distance runs with 2 rest days.

Weeks 5-6 are the heavy work phase in week 5 and then taper off for week 6 to allow for your test run at the end of that week to be at your top physical condition.

There are alternate stairs, hills and circuits in this program as well to cut the boredom and keep the body guessing.

Interview Prep

Interview prep is currently being conducted as a one hour Zoom session where we will review your resume and cover letter, discuss commonly asked questions and things to study to prepare as well as discuss your experience and how you can relate it to your law enforcement interview to be successful.