2 Week Trial

Get fit.

Beat the test.

Get hired.

Not sure where to start with Blue Line Fitness Testing?

We’ve developed a Two Week Trial of our fitness workshops that gives you a better understanding of what you need to succeed in your career.

With your 2 week trial, you are able to utilize as many of our workshops as possible. This is meant to give you the best chances of nailing your test the first time, which saves you money and get’s you a job as soon as possible.

Only $129.00 for 2 weeks of workshops

    Your Path To Success

    Start Your Trial

    With Physical Trainer Phil on Wednesdays

    Once you purchase your trial, you will be contacted by Phil to find a time that works for you! These semi-private fitness sessions will help Phil assess your fitness levels and get you started on your path to success. 

    Improve Your Fitness

    With Functionally Fit, Mighty Titans and Yoga

    Increase your functional mobility, fitness and training with Functionally Fit Thursdays, Mighty Titans Mondays and Yoga Wednesdays

    Run the Obstacle Course

    With Open Gym on Saturdays

    Open gym allows you to come, practice on the obstacles, run laps of the course and become more comfortable with the PARE, COPAT, SOPAT, POPAT or APREP tests all at your own pace!

    With the two week trial, you are automatically enrolled in our classes. So you can drop-in to any of them during your 2 weeks!

    After The 2 Week Trial

    If you need to improve your fitness...

    If you struggled with running the obstacle course or any of our workouts, you can continue training with our Workshops. Or, you may need additional one-on-one training sessions with Phil.

    If you need more practice...

    You can continue to run the course by booking in for Open Gym as much as you’d like. Or, book a Practice Test within our booking platform to simulate the official test and get written feedback on your performance.

    If you're ready for the test...

    Book your test with us online on our booking platform! Remember, there are no refunds or exchanges, so make sure you are ready for the test before you run it.

    After You run the test...

    If you pass, we can help you prepare for your Interview to ensure you get hired.
    If you fail, that’s ok too! We will get you back on your feet with our workshops, fitness training or practice testing.


    Meet Nikki

    Meet Nikki

    Nikki is the owner and operator of Blue Line Fitness Testing with over 2 decades of experience in corrections.

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