Jonathan Antymniuk
Jonathan Antymniuk
23:59 26 Mar 22
I have ran my PARE test about 6 times now with 3 different companies. The most recent two were with Blue Line and they have been my best experiences by far. The environment is amazing, the other runners will cheer for you while you run and Nikki is the best. She will guide you through the entire test while you’re running it. When it gets hard and you feel like giving up she will yell, cheer, and encourage you to push through the pain to your absolute limit so you pass the test. The environment contributes so much to your success in the test. Even if you’re in Calgary this is worth the drive, it’s the best place to run by far.
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Extremely professional

Extremely professional, caring and team orientated.  The culture at Blue Line is what you would expect, professional, caring and extremely motivating.  Easy to find site… Read more “Extremely professional”

John B.


Nikki is gold tier for Pare testing.  She gives tips, encouragement, and guidance that make the whole process easier and way more comfortable.  I would… Read more “Gold”

Drake F.

Highly recommended

Blue Line Fitness Testing is an amazing way to get preparation and accreditation for careers within law enforcement or corrections. The instructors bring their field… Read more “Highly recommended”

Zachary H.

Thank you!

The practice session was very good, good trainer and felt like real exam experiences. It involved practice on each steps by trainer helping how to… Read more “Thank you!”

Sanjaya S.

Thank you Nikki

I have applied for the position as a Correctional Peace officer with Alberta Solicitor General.   I am very grateful for meeting Nikki from Blueline… Read more “Thank you Nikki”

Elizabeth K.

Definitely recommend

The staff at blue line fitness are very warm and welcoming! I’d definitely recommend using them for any testing needs you… Read more “Definitely recommend”

Tristen C.

Goes the extra mile

BLFT is awesome! Nikki is amazing and goes the extra mile for people who come get testing. By far the best place to go in… Read more “Goes the extra mile”

Angela S.

So glad I found them

I found Blue Line Fitness on-line and I’m so glad that I did. I was required to renew my PARE and was given a deadline… Read more “So glad I found them”

Carmen N.

Professionalism, Quality

Great place to get your testing… Read more “Professionalism, Quality”

Brett K.

Great feedback

I highly recommend Blue Line Fitness Testing. Nikki is a great coach to have for pointers on how to be efficient and provide positive feedback… Read more “Great feedback”

Brian B.

Test Titans

I have a pleasure to write a review about my online experience of Test Titans program held on 26 May-2020. Actually it was very helpful… Read more “Test Titans”

Sanjay S.

Test Titans is amazing!

The Titans Program is amazing!! I got a lot out of it! I learned lots! I picked up great tips on “breathing” & how to… Read more “Test Titans is amazing!”

Sara M.

Standard First Aid & CPR certification

Josie is a really knowledgeable teacher! I am all… Read more “Standard First Aid & CPR certification”

Jeffrey P.

Professionalism at its best!

I highly recommend Blue Line Fitness for any testing or certifications. This is such a professional company that genuinely cares about your success. Nikki is… Read more “Professionalism at its best!”

Safe and Motivating!

I am writing in support of your company of which I attended your COPAT official testing in December 2020 just before restrictions were about to… Read more “Safe and Motivating!”

Open Communication and Motivation

I had a great experience with a PARE test in this facility. Nikki is very open and communicates very clearly what the test consist of… Read more “Open Communication and Motivation”

Blue Blood Program is Awesome!

I really LOVVVEEEE Nikki and her awesome team! Ever since day 1, I have felt motivated and encouraged. I have seen a lot of progress… Read more “Blue Blood Program is Awesome!”

Clean and Well Organized

The fitness test was well organized, and equipment was thoroughly disinfected between each participant. Nikki was amazing, she was motivating and pushed everyone to do… Read more “Clean and Well Organized”

Blue Line Fitness Testing should be your only Choice!

Nikki was amazing. She is inspiring and makes you believe you can do it even if you are having doubts because it’s been so long… Read more “Blue Line Fitness Testing should be your only Choice!”

Only person I will run PARE’s with

Industry experienced instructor who knows what she’s doing. Will only run PARE’s with Nikki for any future competitions. -Chris… Read more “Only person I will run PARE’s with”

10 stars out of 5!

Nikki was amazing! I’ve recommended her to so many people I know in the Law Enforcement Community. Nikki puts her heart into everything she does… Read more “10 stars out of 5!”

Great place to run COPAT

My experience at Blue Line Fitness was great. The staff were very professional and the set-up of the centre was great. Despite the fact that… Read more “Great place to run COPAT”

Helpful, Hilarious and Encouraging!

So happy I went here to do my COPAT. Nikki was extremely helpful, hilarious and encouraging. I loved it. Thank you so much! -Sarah… Read more “Helpful, Hilarious and Encouraging!”

Practice and Official Testing

Nikki (the owner) is great! She helped me to prepare for the PARE during my practice run and gave constructive criticism on my technique. Her… Read more “Practice and Official Testing”

Extremely Knowledgable

I love it. The staff are really positive, optimistic, and have a tremendous level and amount of knowledge regarding physical fitness, health, diet excercise. Also… Read more “Extremely Knowledgable”

Above and Beyond!

Nikki is an absolute unit as well as her guest instructor. Fully explained what was needed and where common faults happen. I felt fully prepared… Read more “Above and Beyond!”

Highly Recommend and Will be coming back!

Highly recommend Blue Line Fitness Testing for any certification and professional needs! Nikki is extremely helpful and professional; she pushes you to perform to the… Read more “Highly Recommend and Will be coming back!”

APREP Training was AWESOME!

I loved my experience with Blue Line Fitness Testing! Nikki accommodated to my needs, she was enthusiastic, she was welcoming! She helped me with the… Read more “APREP Training was AWESOME!”

Good vibes and Encouragement!

Needed to get a PARE done quick time and Blue Line Fitness Testing was clutch. Got me in before the lock down with minimal paperwork… Read more “Good vibes and Encouragement!”

Safe, Clean and Knowledgeable

Blue Line Fitness Test and Nikki Cloutier in particular were absolutely wonderful. Ms. Cloutier was COVID-19 safe and took all the measures to sanitize the… Read more “Safe, Clean and Knowledgeable”

Nikki is the BEST!

I cannot describe how professional, well presented and how it was worth every second being there. After arrival and preparations, we were given a tour… Read more “Nikki is the BEST!”

Worth the Drive from Calgary!

I have ran my PARE test about 6 times now with 3 different companies. The most recent two were with Blue Line and they have… Read more “Worth the Drive from Calgary!”

Best Experience Ever!

My experience with Nikki and Blue Line Fitness Testing was awesome. As I came from Northern BC to do a PARE fitness test, Nikki was… Read more “Best Experience Ever!”

Mighty Titans Classes Helped!!

Blue Line Fitness Testing is phenomenal! Nikki and her team love what they do and it shows in the dedication and support they give everyone… Read more “Mighty Titans Classes Helped!!”

Amazing classes and trainer!

I’ve been taking the mighty titans class regularly for a few months and it is amazing.Tanysha does a fantastic job making the workout fun and… Read more “Amazing classes and trainer!”

Jesse Peterkin

Never Go Anywhere Else!

I will never go anywhere else for my fitness testing. Staff are switched on and know their stuff. Previously, I always did my testing through… Read more “Never Go Anywhere Else!”

Make the Trip – It’s worth it!

Made the flight down from Yellowknife to do my PARE, great place and organized. Positive the whole time and such a good energy!   Arsen… Read more “Make the Trip – It’s worth it!”

Fantastic Company!

Fantastic company with a knowledgeable owner who genuinely has a passion for her area of expertise. Can’t recommend highly enough for PARE, COPAT, and corresponding… Read more “Fantastic Company!”


I took my PARE fitness test with Nikki at Blue Line Fitness testing and I could not be happier with my experience. I have done… Read more “5 STARS”

Great place!!

Thank you Nikki and all the staff at Blue line. It was intense but you guys made it way easier for me! By clearly spelling… Read more “Great place!!”

Amazing Experience!

It was such an amazing experience. It was my first time for the PARE Test, I never knew how it would be until I came… Read more “Amazing Experience!”

George O

Job Well Done!!

Attended Blue Line Fitness for a PARE test and found this to be an excellent experience. Nikki demonstrates a passion for helping applicants by providing… Read more “Job Well Done!!”


Fantastic Experience!!

I ran my first PARE at Blue Line Fitness Testing recently and my experience was fantastic. Nikki was very knowledgeable, providing us with a full… Read more “Fantastic Experience!!”

Christine K

Excellent experience!

I had a great experience during my PARE test on 2024, February 13 at BLUE LINE. The staff was excellent in explaining the course lay out… Read more “Excellent experience!”

Hal O’Gilvie

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