Blue Line Fitness Testing is the only place in Alberta that offers practice testing

My experience in law enforcement and recruiting is the reason I started this business and I know personally how important it is to be prepared, confident, and fit when entering your application process for any career in law enforcement. There are very few places to practice this test and ensure you are ready to be certified prior to your testing date and little opportunity to take your time moving through the equipment.

When you sign up to run a practice test, you will practice your test to the exact standards prescribed by the official protocols.

I also have all the required equipment and ample space and time requirements to give you the best experience anywhere.

When you attend a Blue Line Fitness Testing practice session, I don’t just run you through a test and boot you out the door! I will spend time with you (as much as you need), teaching you tips and techniques to maximize efficiency, avoid penalties, and get the best time possible.  I will also break down every component into time intervals so that I can identify what areas you might be struggling in, so that you will know where to focus your training!

As an added bonus, if needed, I have personal trainers ready to take you on as a client with a specific plan to boost your endurance and aerobic fitness and help you ace the certification test when you are ready.

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Meet Nikki

Meet Nikki

Nikki is the owner and operator of Blue Line Fitness Testing with over 2 decades of experience in corrections.

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