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nikki cloutier owner and certification instructor for blue line fitness testing in edmonton

Nikki Cloutier

Owner & Operator

Nikki was a correctional peace officer for 17 years, making her way up through the ranks to supervisor, assistant deputy director and eventually deputy director. Learn more about Nikki
“I am very grateful for meeting Nikki from Blue Line Fitness! I have ran both the COPAT course and PARE course.  It was a very positive experience and I felt comfortable and encouraged throughout the entire process.   Nikki has been an asset to prepare me for my interview. ” – Elizabeth K.

Phil Moreau

Personal Trainer & Group Fitness Instructor | Certified PARE Testing Administrator

You can find Phil training clients during the week, running Mighty Titans on Monday nights and coaching our Open Gym sessions on Saturdays. Phil provides amazing sessions that are personalized to each client and has a proven rate of success! Phil is also a massive hockey and Boston Bruins fan and loves what he does and the opportunities he gets to help people on their way to a career in law enforcement.
“Phil is a great trainer for anyone! He will work with you to help you find your fitness baseline and then push you beyond for your best results! I would not have passed my PARE without him!” – Tyler

Stacey Bootsman

Functionally Fit instructor

Stacey brings a wealth of fitness and wellness knowledge to Blue Line and an insane work ethic! She loves to push her class participants to the limit and out of their comfort zone to get the results they need. Her enthusiasm and dedication to fitness is apparent and she challenges people to be better versions of themselves!
Join Stacey every Thursday morning from 9:15-10:15am for Functionally Fit.
During Functionally Fit, you will perform movements you find yourself doing in your day-to-day life. Squatting, pulling, pushing, lifting, etc to build strength, increase power and improve stamina. Save your spot by heading to our website and booking in!

Candice Hartwell

Certified Yoga Instructor

Candice is a certified Yoga Instructor with a passion and commitment to help guide others to discover their body, listen inwardly, and build resilience with breath-to-body movements and techniques. As an active yoga practitioner for more than 13 years, she continues to build her practice through study, workshops and classes with inspired teachers.
She enjoys helping students discover and attune to their whole body system. Accessible to all levels, Candice enjoys teaching Hatha Flow classes with foundational yoga alignment. She focuses on grounding and aligning the body using breath as the anchor to move deeper within. Candice believes yoga to be an amazing outlet to help clear the mind bringing focused clarity and is beneficial for regenerating muscles and tissues while relaxing the nervous system. Join her for yoga every Wednesday night at 7pm.

Farooque Suhail

PARE Testing Administrator

Farooque moved into law enforcement after working in Dubai as a personal trainer. After five years in law enforcement, he now serves as a Community Peace Officer.
Farooque teaches the importance of fitness in an officer’s day-to-day role, not only in keeping colleagues and the public safe but also in an officer’s mental and physical health.
Farooque is super excited to be a part of the Blue Line Fitness family and looking forward to the ability to help our brothers and sisters in law enforcement. He is also looking forward to working with Nikki and her ability to change people’s lives, and at the same time helping them through their law enforcement careers.

Our mission is to provide the highest quality fitness testing in a supportive environment for all participants interested in entering the law enforcement profession and ensuring their success.


Meet Nikki

Meet Nikki

Nikki is the owner and operator of Blue Line Fitness Testing with over 2 decades of experience in corrections.

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