Firearms Safety

PAL Course (1 day) 

First-time license applicants must pass the Canadian Firearms Safety Course before applying for a Possession and Acquisition License. After completing the in-class instruction, you will do a written and practical test.

Anyone 12 years or older can take the CFSC. Children under 12 can also take the course, but only for educational purposes. They will not do the written or practical exams. To get a Minor’s License to borrow and use non-restricted firearms, the minor must be between 12 and 17 years old.

Topics Covered:

  • Evolution of firearms, major parts, types and actions
  • Basic firearms safety practices
  • Ammunition
  • Operating firearm actions
  • Safe handling and carry procedures
  • Firing techniques and procedures
  • Care of non-restricted firearms
  • Responsibilities of the firearms owner/user
  • Safe storage, display, transportation and handling of non-restricted firearms.

*Before attending the course, all participants must read and understand the Course Information page

RPAL Course (1 day)

Anyone wanting to acquire restricted firearms will also need to take the Canadian Restricted Firearms Safety Course (CRFSC) and pass the written and practical tests.

Topics Covered:

  • Evolution of firearms, major parts, types and actions
  • Basic firearms safety practices
  • Ammunition
  • Operating handgun actions
  • Firing techniques and procedures for handguns
  • Care of restricted firearms
  • Responsibilities of the firearms owner/user

*Before attending the course, all participants must read and understand the Course Information page

About the instructor

Tony Burton is a Canadian Armed Forces veteran, and former Precision Rifle Series (PRS) competitor that was sponsored by various companies both large and small within the shooting industry. With a passion for hunting, he is also a big game guide and works closely with various wildlife organizations and groups. Tony has been a Canadian Firearms Safety Course Instructor since 2012 and his passion for long range and precision shooting began when he was a member of the Canadian Armed Forces Shooting Team (CAFSAC) for the LFWA Reg. forces team.

Tony retired from the army and started his own company to pursue his own dreams and goals. He is also on the Board of Directors for a U.S. based defense technology company #thirdeyedefense and represents them all over the world, both in sales and training. His clients consist of various agencies, governments and units from law enforcement to special forces. When clients purchase systems from Third Eye Defense, he is responsible for training clients on various systems around the world, and ensuring they know how to use their new equipment.

frequently asked questions

Q) What must I read before attending the course?

A) Please read the entirety of our PAL-RPAL Course Information page before you attend this course. READ HERE. 

Q) Do I have to take the PAL (non-restricted course first, before RPAL)

A) Yes, you have to pass the non-restricted course before you can take the restricted. You just need to pass, not have your licence.

Q) Can I take the courses back-to-back?

A) Yes, HOWEVER, if you fail the PAL, you won’t be able to take the RPAL.

Q) How long until I get my license?

A) The current wait is estimated around 4-5 months as of 2021-02-01.

Q) What happens if I fail?

A) You will be offered a free retest within the week to be completed at YEG Firearms facility. After that legally you will have to retake the course.

Q) What’s your refund policy?

A) We will not be offering refunds on paid course spots. This is primarily due to the large number of people we have that no-show or sign up for a course, then want a refund after finding a course elsewhere. 

If you cannot make your course date, contact us as soon as possible and we can move you to a later date if it is more than 5 days prior to your course date. 

If you need to reschedule due to COVID-19 concerns, or you have come into contact with someone prior to class that is having any cold or flu symptoms, you will be rescheduled to a later date. You will not lose your money or spot in a course, and we are more than willing to work with you.

Q) Can I buy guns & ammunition as soon as I pass the course?

A) No, you have to wait until you receive your licence from the RCMP/CFP.

Q) Are there any other fees once I’m done the course?

A) Yes, there are fees that are paid to the RCMP by the student that are sent in with your application. PAL fees are $60, RPAL fees are $90 or you can send both together PAL and RPAL together for $90.


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Jonathan Antymniuk
Jonathan Antymniuk
23:59 26 Mar 22
I have ran my PARE test about 6 times now with 3 different companies. The most recent two were with Blue Line and they have been my best experiences by far. The environment is amazing, the other runners will cheer for you while you run and Nikki is the best. She will guide you through the entire test while you’re running it. When it gets hard and you feel like giving up she will yell, cheer, and encourage you to push through the pain to your absolute limit so you pass the test. The environment contributes so much to your success in the test. Even if you’re in Calgary this is worth the drive, it’s the best place to run by far.
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