Law enforcement Practice Testing for the COPAT, PARE, SOPAT & POPAT in Alberta
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Law Enforcement Practice testing is a MUST DO if you are preparing to work in Law Enforcement in Alberta. You will need to be prepared to take a test to prove your physical fitness to perform daily duties.

As a member of the law enforcement community, it is expected that you are physically and mentally prepared for any difficult situations you may encounter. However, not every person who wants to work in law enforcement will be in top physical condition.

That is why we offer law enforcement practice testing for tests such as the COPAT, PARE, and POPAT. Within our practice training, we will provide you with a breakdown of the test, feedback on your run with one-on-one training, and tips to improve your testing time. You will also be given as much time as you need to practice on the obstacles such as the Push-Pull machine and the 3-foot vault. 

Law enforcement practice testing for The COPAT, PARE, SOPAT, and POPAT are used within the following occupations:


Blue Line Fitness Testing offers practice tests where you are able to complete a practice run of the COPAT, SOPAT, PARE and POPAT courses. We will provide feedback and tips to achieve the best results. Practice testing is perfect for those who are unfamiliar with the course, want to try a test out before they run an official test, and feel they would benefit from guidance from a professional in law enforcement testing.

Blue Line Fitness Testing is the only place in Alberta that offers practice testing for First Responder testing

WHAT do i NEED TO KNOW ABOUT law enforcement practice tests in alberta?

There are very few places in Alberta where you are able to practice for law enforcement testing. The reason is many facilities are unable to dedicate their space to solely provide law enforcement testing. That means that unless you are running an official test, their equipment is not being used. At Blue Line Fitness Testing, we are able to dedicate time and space for your practice test for a variety of law enforcement testing. You will be able to play around on the equipment, move through the run and get the best understanding of what is expected of you. 

When practicing for the COPAT, SOPAT, PARE, and POPAT, you will be tested under the exact standards prescribed by official protocols. Nikki, our practice testing facilitator (and peace officer of 17 years), will be the one taking you through your test. She will teach you tips and techniques to maximize your time and efficiency, to avoid penalties, and to get the best time possible. Nikki will evaluate your run and provide you with individual feedback for improvement and break down the run to each individual component and time interval.

If you’re struggling with one area, Nikki will examine it and help you improve.

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What if I need help training after the practice test?

After the law enforcement practice test, we have a number of options for those looking to improve their physical fitness, their testing time or gain knowledge about hiring within the law enforcement industry.

  1. Take our self-directed online physical training course, Blue Blood Always Ready. This 6 week fitness preparation program will prepare you for the PARE, COPAT, SOPAT, and POPAT or any other fitness test you may be required to run for your agency.
  2. Meet with a personal trainer. Nikki will connect you with a personal trainer who has intimate knowledge of law enforcement and testing so you can improve your chances of aceing the test and having a successful career in law enforcement. To get started, contact Nikki. 
  3. Become mentally prepared for the test with our TEST TITANS program. Experiencing test or performance anxiety is no reason to not work in law enforcement. You can overcome those emotional roadblocks and build success with this 2-hour course. 
  4. Withstand high-stress situations with Spartan Strong, a workshop dedicated to helping you overcome mental barriers based on sports psychology. This 2-hour workshop teaches goal setting, setting up a successful routine, and relaxation/guided imagery practices. 
  5. Prepare for getting hired with interview preparation. In this one-hour Zoom session, we will review your cover letter, and resume and discuss frequently asked questions. As well, we will review how to prepare for an interview using your current experience and how to successfully relate it to law enforcement. 
  6. Join a Fitness & Obstacle workshop; dedicated to helping you overcome certain aspects of your PARE, SOPAT, COPAT, or POPAT test. This is a dedicated time for you to practice the specific obstacle you are struggling with such as the vault or the push-pull machine and get advice in a group setting. 

Practice for the Test


Practice the obstacle course before you test, improve your physical fitness and be mentallty prepared


Need to prepare for the test? join a workshop

Blue Blood, always ready

Prepare for the COPAT, SOPAT, POPAT AND PARE with this online self directed 6 week fitness preparation program

Learn More

Test titans

Become mentally prepared to overcome high-stress testing with this 2 hour workshop

Learn More

Spartan Strong

Strengthen your mental fortitude to withstand high-stress situations, common to first responders with this 2 hour workshop

Learn More

Interview Prep

Be successful in getting the job with resume, interview and industry prep. 

Learn More

Fitness and obstacle workshops

Is the 5 ft mat jump stopping you from passing your fitness test? In these workshops, we will train for specific obstacles in the fitness testing.

Learn More

nikki cloutier owner and certification instructor for blue line fitness testing in edmonton

Written by Nikki Cloutier

Owner & founder of Blue Line Fitness Testing

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