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Please read this very important information

We appreciate you choosing us for your fitness testing needs and will make every effort to help you be successful during this journey. 

Before you arrive:

You do NOT require a medical clearance form to run your fitness test with us as you have already filled out that information when you register. We make every effort to start on time, so please arrive early (aim for 15 min prior to the scheduled start time) to allow for check-in procedures. Late-comers (anyone arriving after the scheduled start time) will not be permitted entry and you will forfeit your booking.

** If you get lost, please call (780) 232-9541 **

Day of testing:

Please bring well-fitting footwear (runners) with good tread with you to run your
test in. This will increase grip and stability during the push/pull portion of the test. Baggy sweat pants or loose-fitting clothing is also not recommended.
* You should also bring water and a snack (such as an energy or power bar) with you.

Reminder: Because we take your blood pressure upon arrival at the test venue, do not smoke or consume large amounts of caffeine or any other stimulant (like Red Bull or other “energy” type drink or PRE-WORKOUT for at least 2 hours prior to arriving. These types of drinks/supplements increase your blood pressure and can be unsafe to use before rigorous exercise.

Please be prepared to stay for the entire session time. Requests to leave early will not be permitted. We will spend time in the beginning going through the equipment and course, and then at the end, we will spend time debriefing each of you individually on your performance and
test results including times and areas of improvement.


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Thank you, and we look forward to seeing you!

– Nikki Cloutier
Founder & CEO Blue Line Fitness Testing